Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons I Hate Writing Negative Reviews (With Rambling)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted each week by the lovely Broke and Bookish, where you make a list to go with that week's bookish theme.

Theme: ten reasons I hate writing negative reviews

Hello everybody! So, I had a really hard time with this week's TTT. I thought of a ton of different ideas that I could do, but I just couldn't get enough reasons (you know, the actual list). So, I probably won't get to ten on this list. I'm going to attempt to list ten things I hate about writing a negative review. So, hopefully I'll get to ten. Make sure to leave your TTT's in the comments!

1.) Reading the Book- In order to write the review you need to read (or attempt to read) the book. If your going to write a negative review, that means that you didn't like the book. So, bad book. Do I need to explain more?

2.) Actually Writing the Review- I try not to be mean when writing reviews. But whenever I write a negative review I always feel bad. I really want to write a good review for every book I read, but that just doesn't happen. When writing negative reviews, I find that I'm always second guessing what I wrote because I don't want to be mean. This makes writing negative reviews really annoying for me. 

3.) When the Book was Received for Review- This is the worst! Especially when the author sent you the book. It's like, "Hey! Thanks for the book, I hated it." It's just so awkward. So awkward.

4.) When all of your Bookish Friends Loved the Book- I see long lengthy debates in your future if this happens. And I'm not talking about just the regular loveing and hating of a book. I'm talking about when your friends are in love with this book, and you want to drop kick this book off a cliff into a river filled with alligators. Your friend is naturally going to be raving about this book on various social media platforms, and in your in your little corner of the internet, you have a negative review. Different strokes for different folks?     

5.) Finding that it gets Easier as Time goes On- I find that I have an easier time writing negative reviews now then I did when I first started. Maybe it has just gotten easier as time has gone on, but I'm not sure if I like it or not. I find that I don't have to think as much when I write negative reviews, which I guess I can see being a good thing. But still, I try not to be so mean.   

Okay, I guess that there are only five, but you get the point.



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