Contact Info/Review Policy

Contact Info.
Hi there! If you want to contact me for things like review requests, author interviews, and anything else like that, please email me at booknerdblogger(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also find me on...

Review Policy

Thank you so much for considering me! It's really appreciated. :) I am an easy going person! If you want to know if I will do something that you don't see here, feel free to ask me.

I am currently accepting review requests.

Things you should know...
  • I review mostly YA, but on occasion I review NA and Middle Grade books.
  • I take e-books for PDF and Kindle (preferred).
  • I am also willing to do blog tours, author interviews, cover reveals, guest posts, and other fun things like that.
  • I try to review books within 2-3 months, but sometimes stuff happens and I need a little more time.
  • I post my reviews here on this blog, and Goodreads. I also post links to the review on Twitter and Bloglovin'.
  • I am not a professional reviewer, all opinions are my own.
  • I post honest reviews, weather I liked the book or not.  
  • I read most genres under YA, NA, and Middle Grade books. I do not read Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Erotica, or books on Spirituality. I'm also not a big fan of historical fiction.
  • Don't be offended if I say no to reviewing your book. I don't like to give negative reviews, so if I don't think that I will like the book, I will probably say no. 
Please try to include the following in review requests...
  • Book title, author, and if it's a part of a series
  • The synopsis of the book
  • Date it might need to be reviewed by
  • Anything else you might want posted along with it (author bio, Q&A, guest post, ex.)    
How I Rate  
 A new favorite! I loved this book and recommend to everybody.

 I loved this book, but it is not a new favorite. I might have had minor problems with the book, but nothing major. I really enjoyed the book.

I liked and enjoyed the book. I had some problems with the book, but still enjoyed it never-the-less.

 It was okay. I had problems with this book, and did not have the greatest time reading it.

Hated it. I struggled to finish the book and had a bunch of problems with it. Do not recommend.

Did not finish (I don't usually review book I don't finish).

I give half points when I am indecisive about what to rate a book.

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