Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

Last Update: 6/26/18

Hello, and welcome to my (probably shitty) privacy policy page. I am not an expert, but I'll try my best to explain everything that happens here at Adventures with a Book Nerd (, and how your information is used to make your experience here even better.

Your information is important, and we (aka me) care about your privacy. It's my goal to keep your information that we collect private. This is why I do not sell your information to anybody.   

Adventures with a Book Nerd is powered via Blogger, which is a part of the giant overlord that is Google. I do use Cookies on this blog. To learn more about Google's Privacy Policy, how Google retains data, and how Google uses Cookies, you can click on their respective links. To learn more about how to keep your cookies from being tracked/collected you can visit About Cookies.

*Links in this page link directly to mentioned companies/website's Privacy Policy pages unless I was unable to locate their policy pages (then they are just linked to the website).*

This blog uses the Blogger commenting system. When you leave a comment on this blog you will be asked to give a name, your email, and a website/url of your choice. Blogger also automatically collects the visitors IP address. While the name you enter and the website/url will be displayed, your email and IP address will never be displayed. This information is stored to help me know who commented, make it possible for me to comment back on commenter's blogs/websites, and make the comment section a better place to be visit.

Email Subscription
By subscribing to my blog via email you agree to your email address being stored via feedburner (which is associated with Google {you're gonna be hearing me say this a lot}). They have the same privacy policy as Google.

Following this Blog
There are a couple way that you can follow my blog. The first is through email subscription (see above section); the second is via Google+; the third is through Blogger; the fourth is through Bloglovin'. By following via Google+ your account information will be stored, and your profile picture may be displayed at the bottom of my blog. By following via a Blogger account your profile information will be stored, and your profile picture may be displayed near the bottom of my blog. By following via Bloglovin' your profile information will be collected, along with any other information collected by Bloglovin'. (I couldn't find their privacy policy, but here is a link to their website). 

Links to Other Websites
I often link to other websites on this blog. I am not responsible for their cookie usage, or the information they collect. I would recommend that you read the privacy policies of any website you visit to insure that you know how different websites use and collect your  information. Some websites that I often link back to are GoodreadsAmazon, Instagram, and The Caffeinated Book Reviewer. But again, I will link to others, and I am not responsible for their privacy policies.    

Giveaways are occasionally hosted on Adventures with a Book Nerd, often by authors, publishers, and blog tour companies. The majority of giveaways are hosted through Raffelcopter. Any information collected is used to contact winners, and help them receive their prizes in the best way for them. I am not responsible for the actions or information collected by the hosts of giveaways that I don't run.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that allows me to see different statistics about how visitors interact with this blog. Google Analytics uses it's own Cookie to collect information (including your IP Address). The information is then stored by Google on their servers. You can see Google's privacy policy information by clicking on the links at the top of the page, and you can opt out of Google Analytics by clicking on this link if that's what you decide you want. 

Cookie Usage
There are three main types of Cookies that are used at Adventures with a Book Nerd. Essential Cookies remember your login in information when you comment or fill out forms. Analytics and Performance Cookies anonymously track and collect information about how you use Adventures with a Book Nerd for the Google Analytics. Social Media Cookies are used when you engage with this blog via social media, or share a post through a button on the blog. 

Why I Collect Your Information
I collect your information for the sole purpose of making your experience here at Adventures with a Book Nerd as wonderful as it can be. I do not collect your  information to sell to third parties. By reading my posts, commenting, following this blog, or anything else you agree to your information and Cookie actions being collected and stored. And well, I hope you agree to that cause I don't really have friends so most of my social life if online and if you don't agree then we may not be able to talk and that isn't any fun!  

What I Do With Your Information
Information that's collected is used to better your experience here at Adventures with a Book Nerd. Your information is not sold to anyone. For giveaways your information will be given out to necessary parties, with your permission, so that you receive your prize.  

How to get your Information Removed
If you would like to get your information removed, or have questions about how I am storing your information, feel free to contact me (see below for how to contact me).

How to Contact me with Questions
If you have any questions at all feel free to email me at booknerdblogger(at)gmail(dot)com.
I will clearly state when I have received a book for review. Receiving a book for review does not affect my reviews, or how I rate any of the books. All opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone. This blog is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be considered as expert advice. Thank you, and have a good day.

Last Update: 6/26/18