May Recap & June Reading List

Books Read in May

The Sacred Lies of Minnow BlyAnything You WantThe Problem with ForeverBlackhearts (Blackhearts, #1)Cruel Crown (Red Queen, #0.1-0.2)

This reading month wasn't great, but it could've been a lot worse. I am now 15 books behind, and I really need to catch up. So if anyone wants to readathon, buddy read, anything like that, feel free to let me know. I could really use motivational support to push me to read more, and I bet that some of you do too.

Favorite Book of the Month    

The Problem with Forever 

Anna's Reading List for June 2016

Anna's Reading List is a list I make each month with books that are convenient for me to pick up when I'm feeling lazy. I may read all the books on the list, and I may not read a single one. The point is to give me options to read, not to read all of the books.  For me, my list has to have at least one of each of the following: 
  • e-book and/or book received for review 
  • library book
  • book that counts towards a challenge I'm participating in 
This Month's Pile:
SpelledGraceling (Graceling Realm, #1)Death Sworn (Death Sworn, #1)Highly Illogical BehaviorAbove The FlamesRemnants (Remnants Trilogy #1)

Summer of Sloane

Those are the books on my list this month! What books did you read last month? Or what books do you want to read this month? Let me know in the comments! 



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