The Weekly Recap: American Horror Story Season Six is Coming (Week of 8/28/16)

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Hello my bookish ducklings! I have news this week, some of it TV, some of it pet related, and some of it zombie related. First, I have two new beta fish. Remember last week when I told you guys that my little girl beta fish, Guinea, jumped out of her bowl during the night? Then how my mother stepped on her the next morning thinking that she was a dead leaf? I think that she felt a little bad, and so she then went and bought me two new friends (yes, my fish are my friends. Don't judge me). There's Stewart, who is the most colorful of all of my fish; and there's Samuel, a little baby beta. I call them Stewy and Sammy for short.

AHS (American Horror Story) season six is being aired September 15, and I still need to finish season four and watch season five. I'm almost half way through season four on Netflix, and then I need to watch season five (which is currently not on Netflix). I did some research, and there is a slight chance that season four will be released in time for me to binge watch season five, and watch season six with all of you. Because the teaser trailers for season six are really good.

Finally, I tried to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies this week. I have never read Pride and Prejudice before, and from what I've heard, it is Pride and Prejudice with zombie bits written in. From what I could tell, a lot of people didn't like the zombie parts, and liked the Jane Austen parts; I completely disagree. I thought that the zombie parts were interesting, and that the Pride and Prejudice parts were so slow and boring! I gave up 80 pages in. I just don't get how someone can find a bunch of women sitting around talking about gossip and marriage for chapters at a time interesting. I think that I'm going to write a DNF review, but I'm still not sure right now. Have a good week everybody.

Rhodi's Light (The Rhodi Saga, #1)  

The Glittering Court (The Glittering Court, #1)Dark EnergyThe Cresswell Plot
All of these have been checked out from the library.

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Are you excited for AHS season six? And also, do you like Pride and Prejudice? Let me know in the comments!



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