Top Ten Tuesday: Five Reasons why I Don't Listen to More Audio Books

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Hello everybody! I don't listen to a of of audio books, in fact I only listen to them during road trips, or if I know that I'm going to be cleaning for hours at a time. So I don't listen to a ton of them. So I'm going to talk about five reasons I don't listen to more of them. Make sure to leave your TTT posts in the comments! 

1.) I Prefer to read my Books- I don't know about you guys, but I love it when I can sit down and read a book. It makes me happy (unless I'm not liking the the book) to be able to read, and when I listen to audio books I'm usually doing a mindless activity that isn't a lot of fun. So, I'm mainly reading my books because it's what I prefer to do.

2.) I Don't do Enough Activities that let me Listen to Audio Books- In order to listen to audio books, I need to be doing mindless activities like cleaning. I just don't do enough of these activities to get me to listen to an audio book. Every once and a while I'll listen to one while I clean, but it's really rare.

3.) Sometimes the Narrator's Voice Annoys Me- One of the things that really bugs me are annoying voices, and this has happened more than once with audio books. Sometimes their voices are so annoying that I just stop listening to the book. I just can't go on. I'm not strong enough. 

4.) Sometimes I just want to Listen to Music Instead- And by sometimes, I mean most of the time. I'm usually already reading another book, and I just don't feel like jumping into another story line. When I do listen to audio books, they're usually some sort of fantasy, and those story lines get complicated! So it's easier and a lot less mind boggling to just listen to some music.

5.) I Have a Hard Time Finding YA Audio Books- My public libraries have a great selection of YA books, but not YA audio books. I would buy some, but audio books are expensive! I have some from the audio sync summer, so I'll try to listen to those throughout the year. Hopefully it will help me get more books read for my Goodread's Reading Challenge.    



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