The Weekly Recap (Week of 12/27/15) [Fourth Time's a Charm]

The Weekly Recap (Week of 12/27/15) [Fourth Time’s a Charm]

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---My Life---
I originally was doing this post on Blogger (like I usually do), but I would keep getting to a certain point in my post, and my post would delete itself! Is that common? Why was that always happening? It has never done that before, and I want to know if that happens to anyone else. Please let me know. So, this is my fourth time doing this post, and you could call me an expert with the books I got this past two weeks. Anyway, I am now doing this post on word. After I do this post on Word (If it deletes itself I will smash this computer) I will then copy and paste it onto Blogger so that I can post it. After I finally get this one up I have to make all of the other posts for the week because I will be extremely busy starting tomorrow with school. I am finally taking my English final and will hopefully be starting Science. So, without further ado, my fourth try at The Weekly Recap. Wish me luck. Update: I have finally finished this post and it is way too late to make my other posts for the week. So, if posts go up late this week you know why. Also, I know that the posts come out a little different when I do them on Word, so tell me what you think of this post in the comments!

---Books I Have Acquired---   
Under the Christmas Tree:

9.      Boston (America the Beautiful) by Jordan Worek
10. New York (America the Beautiful) by Dan Liebman
Bought/Free Download:

Also, check out the beautiful spines for The Wrath & the Dawn and Reawakened…

These awesome bookmarks…

I got a Kindle! Which is great because I can get great deals on books, and it will make it easy to read eBooks I get for review!

And finally, my new bookshelf! I do not have enough books to fill it yet, but I figure that it will get pretty full eventually.

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---Question of the Week---
Okay guys, I want to know what the most annoying thing that happened to you last week. Let me know in the comments! Until next week everybody!



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