My Thoughts on Halloween (Babble from a Book Nerd #7)

My Thoughts on Halloween Candy

Halloween is probably a kid's favorite holiday, behind Christmas of course. Kids get to dress up an walk around to get free candy. Growing up as child, my Halloween experience was normal. I would pick out a costume, and go trick or treating with my mom and brother. We would always skip the scary houses and my mom would check all of my candy afterwards. After a few years though, I stopped trick-or-treating. I found joy in handing out candy to others, and there is a good reason why.

I don't know about you guys, but I hate bubble gum. I always got at least twenty pieces when I went trick-or-treating. What are you suppose to do with those twenty pieces of bubble gum that no one wants? It was always so disappointing. I had spent countless hours in the cold and sometimes rain just to have a bunch of candy that I did not want to eat. I found that staying at home and handing out candy was much more fun. Not only did I get to stay warm and dry in the comfort of my own house, but I got to eat the candy I wanted to eat.

You know how Target has that giant section of just Halloween candy? Well, each year my mom and I pick out two or three bags of candy that we like. That way, we know that we will like the candy, and there will not be any evil bubble gum. This works especially well for me because there are not a lot kids in my neighborhood, so there is always a lot of left over candy. :)   

My Thoughts on Halloween Costumes

What is it with slutty Halloween costumes? I personally don't get it. Halloween is a holiday where you get scared, and eat a lot of candy. It is nothing like Valentines day; the day of romance. Why would anyone need to dress sexy? It makes no sense to me. It also looks really cold. Slutty Halloween costumes also don't look as impressive as other costumes. I am more impressed with homemade costumes any day over a slutty Halloween costume.

My favorite costume of all time though has to be those glow stick men. They look so cool! I have always wanted to be one, but I don't dress up for Halloween any more. I find no need to dress up when I don't go trick-or-treating. I want to buy a bunch of glow sticks one random night and just turn myself into a giant glow stick man. Wouldn't that be the coolest thing?

Dog costumes... Does your dog like them? My dog likes certain costumes. More like he tolerates certain costumes. The first year we got my dog we bought him a Halloween costume. That year for Halloween my dog was a skunk, and he hated it. The main things that he hated about it was the tail and the head. He hated that costume so much that we cut of the tail of the costume, and now uses it as a kill toy. He seems to be okay with harnesses  though. He has a harness with a skeleton on it that he is perfect with wearing. It also does not make him walk like this...

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun making it and I want to know what you guys thought of it. Do you want me to do another one? There are deffentially more topics to talk about so maybe I will do another one for Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Halloween Everybody!



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