Halloween Costumes- Book Edition (Top Ten Tuesday)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.
Where each week you make a top ten list for that week's bookish theme.

Theme: Halloween themed freebie

So, I could have done something like my top ten favorite favorite scary stories, or top ten favorite monsters, but I'm going to do something different. I am doing top ten characters I would want to be for Halloween. Who would I want to dress up as for Halloween? I could only come up with five that I would really want to be. Also, this is my first time using gifs, so sorry if they turn out wacky. Make sure you guys list your top ten lists in the comments!

1.)A Luxen from the Lux Series- Who wouldn't want to be a glowing alien? I bet you could do something really cool with some glow sticks. I'm not crafty enough, but I bet someone could make a really cool costume.

2.)Kelsey from the Tiger Saga- who would not want to be a character who gets to hang out with two tigers/Indian princes? Imagine finding a way to actually have two tigers walk with you. Best. Costume. Ever.

3.) Harry Potter- Yes, most of you have probably dressed up as Harry for Halloween, but I have yet to do so. The thing with dressing up as book characters is that people might not know who you are dressed up as. Harry Potter is so big that even if you have not read the books yet, you most likely know who he is. So I feel like this would be a fun Halloween costume.

4.)Isabelle Lightwood- Why not? She is the exact opposite of me so I think that it would be fun to be her for a night. Knee high heel boots; tattoos;sexy cloths; I think that it would be fun. Also, you would get to wear a cool whip. :)

5.)Celaena Sardothien- Yes, Yes, Yes, I really want to be Celaena. Can I be her, please? Even if it is just me pretending to be her. I really want to be her. She is so fierce, scary, and just plain awesome.

That's all for this Top Ten Tuesday. So until next time...




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