Review & Giveaway: Remnants by John Hennessy

Remnants (Remnants Trilogy #1)Book: Remnants (Remnants Trilogy #1)
Author: John Hennessy
Published: April 18, 2016
Publisher: Innovation Today
Number of Pages: 360
Format: Ebook
Source: Author
Rating: 4 Stars
Tags: Scary, YA, Received for Review, #COYER 


Synopsis: Night one brings marked doors to every home in the world. Day one sees confusion and fear. Night two takes half the planet’s population. Day two leaves panic and mayhem. Night three watches the second half disappear. Day three the fight for survival begins.

The world ended in silence. No birds chirping. Dogs barking. Cars thrumming. No people going about their busy lives. After the aliens arrive, they clear the globe of every living animal, except for a few scattered bands of human survivors. Now Maggy, a strong-willed intellectual, leads Darrel and FĂ©lix, two shy geeks, on an expedition down the west coast, searching for safety in a landscape that promises only a gruesome death, as the aliens hunt down the remnants for sport. But when one of them is abducted, a much more sinister truth unfolds, one that will change the course of humanity forever. 

*My thanks go to John Hennessy for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.*

         ~My Review~

“Looking at the alions carrying out their torturous experiments put it into perspective. Maybe the ability to reason and torture went hand in hand. We did it. Alions did it. Maybe it was part of what separated us ‘intellectual’ beings from the other animals.”

I love big cats. I think that they are the coolest wild animals in the world. They are great predators, and that is why this book scarred me so much. I have a great respect for big cats, so it was scary to see them hunt down the human race as an alien lion mix. But around 3/4 through the book I started picturing them as the cheetah on the Cheetos bags, and they weren't that scary anymore. 

In this book we follow Darrel, Felix, and Maggy as they try to survive the alion (haha, very funny) apocalypse. This is the first book in the Remnants trilogy, and it was filled with adventure, humor, video game references, and even a little bit of romance. I was hooked from the beginning, and I was always surprised through out the rest of the book.

There was so much happening in this book! Maggy, Felix, and Darrel didn't just deal with alions, they dealt with a whole bunch of problems. They had to find transportation, food, medicine, and weapons. They then had to deal with the terrain, survivors (including serial killers), and even the military. This book was very real, and I'm glad that the characters had to work through problems that didn't directly involve the alions.       

There are two POVs in this book, Maggy and Darrel. I really enjoyed Darrel's POV. I was always so excited to read from his perspective. I found his situation more exciting, his companion more fun, and I also loved that he had humor. It was nice to have some humor in a really serious book. Maggy's POV wasn't bad, I actually enjoyed it too! I just enjoyed Darrel's more.

Science Fiction can be hard to write. It can be hard to come up with original ideas when so many have been written before, but this book was really original! From the Alions, to the weapons, even to the spaceships. I really enjoyed reading, and always being surprised.

Overall, I loved this book! It was really fast paced, funny, and even scary at times! This is a solid start to a science fiction series, and I can't wait to read the next book.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the Author: Born in 1988, John Hennessy grew up in Yakima, WA, graduated from Western Washington in 2011, and now lives in Portland, OR, with his wife, a chubby kitty, and two budgies who sing to him while he writes. His love for fantasy started at a young age with Warcraft II, and it quickly bloomed into much more as he was introduced to different writers like Garth Nix, Orson Scott Card, and Michael Crichton. When he’s not writing, he’s usually reading, biking, running, watching basketball, or some show on Netflix.

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