Cover of the Week: Remnants by John Hennessy

Remnants (Remnants Trilogy #1)Book: Remnants (Remnants Trilogy #1)
Author: John Hennessy
Published: April 18, 2016
Publisher: Innovation Today
Number of Pages: 360


Synopsis: Night one brings marked doors to every home in the world. Day one sees confusion and fear. Night two takes half the planet’s population. Day two leaves panic and mayhem. Night three watches the second half disappear. Day three the fight for survival begins.

The world ended in silence. No birds chirping. Dogs barking. Cars thrumming. No people going about their busy lives. After the aliens arrive, they clear the globe of every living animal, except for a few scattered bands of human survivors. Now Maggy, a strong-willed intellectual, leads Darrel and FĂ©lix, two shy geeks, on an expedition down the west coast, searching for safety in a landscape that promises only a gruesome death, as the aliens hunt down the remnants for sport. But when one of them is abducted, a much more sinister truth unfolds, one that will change the course of humanity forever.

Why I Like This Cover: This cover is uplifting to me. Maggy, Darrel, and Felix are standing above the rubble with their weapons, ready to take over the world. It also has the Space Needle and Maggy's axe, which ties into the story. Do you like this cover? Let me know in the comments!