The Weekly Recap (Week of 11/22/15)

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----------My Life----------
So, Thanksgiving was this week, and I had a really nice time. My brother flew in last minuet, so it was really nice to see him; even if I only saw him for a few days. I didn't do anything big, just hanged out with my family. :)

School is starting up again on Monday, and I am kind of excited for it. I know it sounds weird, but I am ready for things to go back to normal. Also, there is not that much school left before Christmas break. Speaking of Christmas, I had to switch radio stations. The radio station I usually listen to started playing 24/7 Christmas music, but BEFORE THANKSGIVING!! I hate Christmas music. I am okay with Christmas music when it is close to Christmas, not more than a month away from Christmas!

-------Books I Have Acquired-------

I was good this week! Hopefully I will finish some more library books this week. :)

Free Download:
  1. Fade by A.K. Morgen 
  2. Gifts of the Blood by Vicki Keire 
  3. Catch me When I Fall by Vicki Leigh 
  4. Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillian by Richard Roberts 

--------Posts You Might Have Missed-------- 

-------Question of the Week------- 

What is your favorite song right now? Tell me your answers in the comments!

My Answer: I have been really into jazzy music right now, so I have to say Here by Alessia Cara. I really like the rhythm of this song, and this would totally be me at a party.

I hope you guys have a good week, and I will see you all in the next post. Bye! :) 



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