Babble from a Book Nerd #9: My Vicious Library Cycle

You know how when you go to the library and you see people casually browsing the shelves, and they check out one or two books? That is the exact opposite of me. I have this vicious cycle with library books. Let's just say this is the first step...

I have a tendency to want to read all of the books.  So when I have no books waiting for me at home, I go to the library to browse their shelves. Knowing myself, I tell myself that I can only check out four books. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, when I get to the YA section, all bets are off. It turns into a game of "How many books can I check out today?" So, I go home with all of my books and start whacking away at the giant pile of books next to my bed. As I keep whacking away at the pile of books by my bed, I keep putting more books on hold. Which means that I am getting more and more books. So, I am still reading the books, but I am using up all of their renews! Because I have so many books, I end up returning some of them without reading them. This makes makes me feel bad because I didn't read the books. Because of this, I end up stressed because I want to read all of the books I checked out. Eventually though, I end up reading all of the books, and I start the cycle all over again. Do you have a vicious library cycle? Let me know in the comments.   



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