When You Have Not Read A Popular Book by a Popular Author (Babble From a Book Nerd #5)

You know that author that everybody raves about, but you still have not read a single one of their books? Ya, lets talk about that moment. I had this moment when I was looking at my bookshelves and I saw the Archived by Victoria Schwab. I still have not read this book. I have heard amazing things about Victoria's books, but I have yet to read one. I feel that every time a popular author's book comes on to my radar for books I want to read, there are always the ten books I have checked out from the library that I need to read. Eventually though, they float away into my brain's to be read river, and let me tell you, it's a big river. There are just so many books that I want to read that I sometimes forget about other books that I really want to read, even if it is by a popular author. Also there is the tiny fear that you will not like the book because of all the hype. Will the book still be as good now that you know so many people have read it and loved it. I try to go into books with little to no expectations, but sometimes you can't help but expect greatness. Is it more comforting to read books by authors you know and love?

Some Popular Books I Have Yet to Read

If you didn't notice, most of these titles have been turned into movies and T.V. shows. These are just six of the books I have yet to read, and trust me, there are plenty more that I need to read. 

- What Popular Books Have you Not Read? -



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