Book Review: A Shot of Bourbon by A.C. Land

A Shot of Bourbon (Bourbon Series #1)In the little highway town of Bourbon, Missouri, deadly secrets lurk behind southern charm.

Seventeen year old Charli Valentine didn’t expect to spend the last few weeks of summer break nursing a broken heart, icing a black eye, and watching her ex kiss another girl. Since being a good girl has gotten her nothing but heartache, Charli decides to give rebellion a try. She pigs out, drinks, and hangs with Luke Parker, the son of the infamous Bourbon Butcher.

But there’s more to Luke than meets the eye. His tough exterior and terrible dialect hide a good person despite his bad boy reputation. No matter how hard he tries to fight it, Luke is drawn to Charli’s innocence and finds her clumsiness too charming to resist. Though they’re from opposite sides of the tracks, neither can resist the pull drawing them together.

When Charli discovers a box in her mother’s closet, she pieces together the truth about Bourbon’s past and uncovers a deadly secret about her family. And once Luke learns of it, he vows to protect Charli no matter the cost.

*My thanks to the BookFish Books crew for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own. Also, I kind of go into a rant in the third paragraph, so mild spoilers might occur (but I mean pretty mild in my opinion).*

I don't know what to rate this! I honestly don't! Because I hated the first half, but I really like the second half! I really hate when this happens...

In this book we follow Charli, and all of her various friends as she tries to to figure out her her biological father is. To be completely honest though, this seemed more of a soap opera than anything else.

Sex! Sex! Sex! That was the first half of this book. You may not see it, but it's there. The majority of the first half of this book was about sex, and a very annoying relationship in the making. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is though when when that's it. I mean, we already had the question of who is Charli's biological dad, and almost no major plot development happened! It was all about her relationship! What!?! You have the big question, so I want more clues, and want more development. And yes, you could argue that there was some development, but not nearly enough in my opinion. I think, that if the big relationship development part was taken out (practically the whole first half), the book could have been cut in half. You still would have gotten to the same ending, but with half of the moody teenage hormones.

Can I just talk about Charli for a bit, because she was so annoying! I don't think that I have read about such an annoying character sense The Selection Series. Except that Charli was more of a baby. I mean, there's a thing between having a protective boyfriend, and just being completely dependent on him. And some of the things he said were really concerning! For example...

"Get your little ass outta the car, Charli Chip."

He then threatened to set the car on fire if she didn't get out. Let me ask you this, if you were in this situation, would you A.)get out of the car, and go with him into the vacant garage; or B.) punched him in the face and run away? I know what I would do. Is this how women let guys talk to them now a days? Am I that antisocial? Honestly! This is concerning to me! I get that their just two teenagers having fun, but in my opinion, you should never let anybody talk to you, or threaten you like that. Other than Luke treating her like that (and he doesn't treat her like that for the whole book), I kinda liked him. He was brutally honest, and it was refreshing!

I know I am saying all of these negative things about the book, but there were some things that I liked about it. One of them, the second half of the book. I though that it was really well mapped out and well written. I really enjoyed reading the ending, and I'm happy how things turned out. Also, that epilogue was amazing! It really hooked me in from the ending, and now I really want to read the second book. I honestly don't know how it happened. This really shows you the power of a good ending and epilogue! Guess that I'll see you guys in the fall when the second book comes out. 

2.5/5 Points (I didn't like the book, then I liked it... So I guess that it was overall okay)     


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