Random Ramblings: Why it's Important to Comment on Blogs

Commenting is one of the most important parts of blogging. It's how the blogger is able to interact with you, the reader. Whether you have a travel blog, cooking blog, parenting blog, or a book blog, one of the first pieces of advice you will get is to get the comment system going.

When I first started thinking about starting a blog, I would read posts from experienced bloggers on what you needed to have on your blog. A commenting system was always at the top of the list, which makes since because blogging is a way to communicate with other people with the same interests as you. So I present to you, four reasons why you should always make a point to comment on the blogs you visit.

1.) New Friends- I don't know about you guys, but I have made some pretty awesome friends through blogging, and I met them because I commented on their blog, or they commented on mine. When you comment you open up the gateways to communication, and now I communicate with them on all sorts of social media platforms. Even if you don't have a blog, you can still make friends through commenting. Don't be afraid to make the first step!

2.) Interaction with other Human Beings- I'm not know to interact with a lot of people face to face. It's just not me. So instead I use things like social media, and your comments to interact with you guys. A lot of bloggers are like me, and you don't want us to be lonely pumpkins! So comment! Interact with us! Make us happy!

3.) Learn the Opinions of Others- Everyone has their own opinions, and that's a good thing! Through reading the comments you are able to have discussions and debates about whatever it is that the blogger talked about. I love seeing what everybody thinks about whatever the topic being discussed  is, and commenting is a great way to talk about that.

4.) It Makes the Blogger's Day- While I can't speak for every blogger out there, the majority of us love talking to readers. It personally makes my day whenever I get that notification that someone commented. So don't be afraid! It's never a waste of time to say hi! Let's put your commenting skills to the test! Can you tell me some other reasons why it's important to comment? Or, tell me why you've never commented before (if it applies to you). Share the love! List some blogs that you love so that everyone can stop by and say hello! :)           


  1. I do try to comment back for every comment made on my blog. Some weeksI am a little off because of being busy, but not too often. I agree with you, interaction is what blogging is all about!

    1. Ya, this has been a big catch up week for me! I got sick, and so now I'm truing to catch up! :)

  2. YES! I love comments! Every comment absolutely makes my day, and it's a really nice acknowledgement that our voices are being heard, right?! I also think it's polite, which is nice. ;D Like it'd be pretty rude IRL to ignore people if they were trying to talk to you, right? So I love how commenting and interacting enables that to happen too and it's SO great to make friends through blogging!! :D


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