I'm a Bookaholic (Babble From a Book Nerd #4)

Now, yes, you can be a bookaholic. It means that a person is overly obsessed with books. What do you mean overly obsessed? Like I have book at home that I want to read, I whent to the library, and brought home six more. I didn't even really realize it until I got home. What happened to just picking up the book waiting for me? I mean, these were just books on the shelf.  How did I end up taking 6 more home? The library is a beautiful but dangerous place.

I mean, it's not bad to be a bookaholic. It's better than being an actual alcoholic. It can take a lot of time and money, but you just have to take away some of your reading time to get a job. I have decided that there are two types of bookaholics, the buyer, and the card.

The Buyer: an obsessive book nerd who buys most of their books. You know thoes people with just a wall of bookshelves just filled to the top? This is them. They go out and buy all of their books, and display them proudly on their shelf. Of course, making everyone else jealous.

The Card: a book nerd who spends most of their time in the library, and checking out an excessive amount of books. Now, book nerds under this category don't own an excessive amount if books.  They own some books, but mostly the ones they can't get at the library. They find joy in walking through all the library shelves and picking out the top seven books that you are going to take home. Also, added bonus, you don't have to pay for  them!

What kind of bookaholic are you? How many books are next to your bed just waiting to be read? What book is next on your TBR pile? How many other bookaholics do you know?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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