Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's Going on with Anna?

Hello everybody! As you might be able to tell, this is not The Weekly Recap. There are going to be some changes here at Adventures with a Book Nerd. So I want to share what new things might appear, and what old things might disappear. Also, I want to let you guys know what posts you might see in the future.

I have been really busy since about a month ago; maybe I will have less work now, but I highly doubt it. Because of my increase in work, I have less time to work on this blog. So that means that I am going to stop doing two posts (for now). I am going to stop doing Cover of the Week and Give me, Give me Tuesday. These two posts are the smaller ones that honestly don't have much thought in them, and I would rather have quality over content. I might do one every once in a while, but I will probably resume them around the start of summer.

I guess that you could call a new post series I am going to start doing new, but it is really just an add on to Babble from a Book Nerd. I'm calling it Random Rambles. Basically, it is Babble from a Book Nerd, except not about books. I have had some ideas on discussion posts (and just random rambles) that aren't about books, and I want to be able to post them too. I have some posts like this on Babble from a Book Nerd, and I will keep them there. For new posts in the future though, that's what they will be called.

For posts in the future, I have quite a few ebooks from NetGalley that I need to read. So, hopefully I will have some of those reviews up soon (don't trust me though due to the fact that I'm busy and feeling a reading slump starting up). Also there with be a review for The Shadowsurfers posted late this month, along with a Q&A in early March. So, make sure that you guys check them out when they come out.

All right guys, that's it for me today. Hope that everybody has a lovely week, and I will see you guys on Tuesday. Bye! :)     

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