What's Going on with Anna?

Hello everybody! As you might be able to tell, this is not The Weekly Recap. There are going to be some changes here at Adventures with a Book Nerd. So I want to share what new things might appear, and what old things might disappear. Also, I want to let you guys know what posts you might see in the future.

I have been really busy since about a month ago; maybe I will have less work now, but I highly doubt it. Because of my increase in work, I have less time to work on this blog. So that means that I am going to stop doing two posts (for now). I am going to stop doing Cover of the Week and Give me, Give me Tuesday. These two posts are the smaller ones that honestly don't have much thought in them, and I would rather have quality over content. I might do one every once in a while, but I will probably resume them around the start of summer.

I guess that you could call a new post series I am going to start doing new, but it is really just an add on to Babble from a Book Nerd. I'm calling it Random Rambles. Basically, it is Babble from a Book Nerd, except not about books. I have had some ideas on discussion posts (and just random rambles) that aren't about books, and I want to be able to post them too. I have some posts like this on Babble from a Book Nerd, and I will keep them there. For new posts in the future though, that's what they will be called.

For posts in the future, I have quite a few ebooks from NetGalley that I need to read. So, hopefully I will have some of those reviews up soon (don't trust me though due to the fact that I'm busy and feeling a reading slump starting up). Also there with be a review for The Shadowsurfers posted late this month, along with a Q&A in early March. So, make sure that you guys check them out when they come out.

All right guys, that's it for me today. Hope that everybody has a lovely week, and I will see you guys on Tuesday. Bye! :)     



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