Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights & Bookworm Dislikes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where each week you make a top ten list to go with that week’s bookish theme.

Theme: Bookworm delights & Bookworm Dislikes

First off, Christine of polandbananas20 made a wonderful video on why book lovers should not be called bookworms, click here to see the video. Anyways, I am really excited for this topic! I cannot wait to freak out about everything I love about books, but I also want to talk about some things that aren’t so delightful about being and book lover. So the first five will be delights, and the second five will be things that are not so delightful. Make sure that you guys leave you TTT lists in the comments!

 1.   Smelling New Books- It’s the best! Opening a package filled with new books, and opening each one up and taking a sniff. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do. I guess that I get it from my mom. Even after I’ve had a book for a little while, I can still sometimes smell the “New Book Smell.”

 2.   Finding a Book That Perfectly Fits You Mood- I am a big mood reader, and it can be hard finding books that fit the mood I’m in at the time. But it is the best when I read a book that goes perfectly with the mood I’m in. It also can cause book hangovers and reading slumps (but we don’t talk about that).

 3.   Reading Buddies- Both human and canine! I am part of a Goodreads group that does buddy reads, where you and another member can read the book together while discussing it. That’s always fun, but there is another type of reading buddy. I’m talking about my dog. Yes, one of two best friends (and the other totally isn’t my mom). I find it nice to lay in bed with anything junk food, a soda, Melanie Martinez music playing, and my dog snuggled up next to me as I’m reading. Hard to beat that. Of course I usually end up falling asleep within an hour, but it’s the thought that counts.

 4.   Going to the Library- I am a big library person. I mostly get my books from the library, so it is always exciting to go get new books! My public library is pretty good about getting new releases, and they recently made a little section on the bottom floor with just the new releases. So, I always really like checking that out. But the best is when I have little to no library books checked out, and I just go crazy. I usually end up checking out tons of books, and I usually don’t get to all of them by the time they have to go back.

  5.   Reading in General- It’s true! One of the best parts of being a book lover is getting to read. That’s why we’re book lovers! There are so many different reasons to love books, but I think that the cool thing is that a person will always be able to find a new book, character, or setting, anything that they can think of that can show why they love reading.

 1.   The Cost of Books- Let’s be honest, books are expensive. I know that I cannot afford to buy every book that I want to read, and I honestly don’t know how some people have huge book collections. With hardbacks being sold at around $20 and paperbacks being sold at around $10, I going to be relaying on public libraries for my reading needs.

  2.   Cover Changes- Why? Why? Why? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes cover changes can be wonderful. For example, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Have you seen the U.S. cover for the first book? I’m talking about the bad cover changes (you know what I mean). Especially if they happen in the middle of a series.

 3.   The Goodreads Reading Challenge- So, this challenge used to stress me out. Mainly because it tells you how many books your behind by. I really don’t need to know that I’m eleven books behind, it doesn’t know why I haven’t been reading as much lately. It can’t judge me, even if it’s not an actual human being. So, I don’t remember when, but I just gave up caring about it. I really don’t care that I’m now thirteen books behind. I really don’t want to get stressed out by
  4.   When You Can’t Have The Book You Really Want This Very Instance- This is the case with all of Sarah J. Maas’s books (for me at least). There are so many people in the reviews talking about how they want time machine, and how they want a book this very instance. It could be because a previous book had a cliff hanger, or because it is a must read author; all book lovers have wished for a time machine in order to get a book they wanted at one time or another. Instead, we are forced to wait the months, and months, and months, and months…

  5.   Reading Slumps- These are the worst! It is so hard to get out of them! Even worse, I usually also feel guilty because I know that I should be reading, but I’m not. Reading slumps are just over all bad. They also usually involve a lot of Netflix (which only makes it worse). During the reading slump, I feel that it is a responsibility as book nerds to support fellow book nerds in this situation. Then maybe together, we can finally end reading slumps.  



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