Traveling (with books) Babble from a Book Nerd #2

Travailing, fun or business, always needs a good book to go along with it. Now, on your trip you may not read as much as you usually do, but that's okay. I won't get into the business side of the trip because you are there for work. So lets get started!

Situation 1: If you are going on a really long trip, (more than a couple days), you are going to want to pack a couple books with you, right? If you didn't know, BOOKS CAN BE HEAVY!!!!!!! So you have to give up some of your cloths for books, the price we pay for what we love. Of course, a way around this situation is to use an e-reader. My public library now lets you check out e-readers, cool right? If you don't have one this could be great to bring on your vacation, or even just to test it out, see if you want to buy one.

This is also portrayed well by Team Epic Reads. Click here to watch their video. 

Situation 2: So, your someplace new. You want to explore right? Suddenly, there are bookstores everywhere. Might as well go in right? Before you know it you just bought twenty books. Now you either have to carry all of those book around with you for the rest of the day, or all the way back to your hotel. Also there is the problem of getting them home. I went book shopping on my trip and my bag weighed so much more, it isn't even funny. 

Situation 3: Airport security. I mean, I get why your there. I'm mad at you though because you bent my book! On their machine it must come out as big black rectangles. So, I get you have to search them, but please don't bend the corners putting them back. I'm begging you, not my brand new book. I haven't even read it yet! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!  

So there you go, the struggle of traveling with books. Can you guys think of any other problems?       



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