#CRAMATHON is a mini read-a-thon made to help you read the small books on your shelf. You know the ones I'm talking about. This year it is being hosted my Whitty from WhittyNovels. Click here to see her video. Basically #CRAMATHON starts July 10 at midnight (your time zone,) and ends July 13 at 11:59. This usually takes place near the end of the year, but she decided to do one in  the summer too. I think this is nice because it can help you catch up to your reading goal if you aren't there. I am going to do it a little differently though. Because I don't own a lot of books, my goal is to read as many books I can. I won't worry about the challenges, and just read a lot because I think read-a-thons should be fun. I will try to do some of them though. 

  1.  Read a Children's book.
  2.  Read a hardback (hardcover).
  3.  Read two books in twenty- four hours.
  4.  Read a graphic novel.
  5.  Read a book written in verse.
  6.  Read a novella.
  7.  Read 5 books total. 
The main reason I am not going to attempt to do all the challenges is because I use the library, and because I heard about this so late I don't have time to get the right books. So, I am going to read my heart out and see how many challenges I complete. I will constantly be updating Goodreads, and I will review my experience at the end. So are you going to participate?

My Goodreads: Adventures with a Book Nerd 
#CRAMATHON Twitter page: Click here to go to their twitter page! 



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