Let's Discuss: A Toast to 2018

I would like to propose a toast to 2018,

2018, you are the year that all of us have been looking forward to. Sure, you'll probably suck, but it's hard to suck more than 2017 did.

It is not unrealistic to compare 2017 to the smell that occurs when you burn thousands of bodies in a rotting dumpster. Because, in reality, 2017 was a giant dumpster fire. There were numerous national disasters that plagued the world, from the earthquakes in Mexico, to the hurricanes that completely wiped out Puerto Rico; there was a lot of tension and fighting between different groups of people; there was a divide that politically broke the US into two very angry halves. Long story short, 2017 sucked.

But 2017 wasn't all bad. There were numerous exciting book releases (The Hate U Give, A List of Cages, and many more), we saw people come together as one after those disasters, and we learned that we might just be stronger than we realized. But that doesn't excuse 2017 from from its bad attitude towards everything on the planet.

2018, we're expecting more from you. We don't expect a lot more, but we expect at least something a little bit better than what 2017 gave us. If anything else, please make everyone's personal lives just a bit better. This is our only wish, just be better than 2017.

So, raise your glasses everyone. Here's to 2018, may you be less shitty than 2017.     


  1. Awesome, Anna. Yes, 2017 was a challenging year. Let’s wish that 2018 is way better. Happy New Year, my friend. 😘❤️

  2. Yes! Now, that's a great toast to 2018!

  3. Ha love it! Yes let's hope 2018 is better *clinks glass*

  4. Yes, I'll raise a glass to a better, kinder year - 2017 was a harsh one, let's hope that 2018 is less so...


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