Book Review: Curse of Stars by Donna Compositor

Curse of Stars (Diamond Crier #1)Book: Curse of Stars (Diamond Crier #1)
Author: Donna Compositor
Published: February 19, 2017
Publisher: Self Published
Number of Pages: 264
Format: ebook
Source: I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: DNF
Tags: YA, Fantasy, Did Not Finish, NetGalley Copy


Synopsis: Sabi Perez is the last Diamond Crier, only she doesn’t know it. Not until a crazed ruler from another world comes to collect her priceless tears and won’t take no for an answer.

Living in New York, Sabi’s seen some nasty things, but the lengths to which her captor will go to keep his crown are things found only in the darkest nightmares. Afraid and alone, Sabi finds solace in her cellmate, Anya, and Cabal, a fellow Crier who also has powers, a rare combination that buys his favor from the ruler. Only it’s a favor he doesn’t want.

In a fit of rage, power erupts out of Sabi, the same power Cabal has, and a spark of hope ignites. Together they may have a chance at escape, something no other Crier has done. Except a ruler hellbent on draining them of every last diamond tear isn’t their only hurdle. If they escape they’ll be hunted to the ends of the earth, if they survive the trek to safety. If they stay the ruler will leech them dry. Sabi would rather die trying than lie down and die, even if that means running away into even more danger.

My Review
They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Well, I guess that this is me breaking out of the loop. Because, guys, I've been trying to read this book for months, I'm serious. I started this book June 11, 2017. And I didn't end up DNFing it because of the actual content of the book! In fact, from the 50% that I read, there was strong well developed characters; an intriguing plot; there was even enough action to keep me trying to read. But at the end of the day, I knew that it was time to stop making myself feel guilty over not being able to read this one.

You see, the first problem that I faced with this book was the technical difficulties that came with it. You see, when I opened up the book, all of the font was a very light grey, almost white. I though, "huh, this is weird," and decided proceed to try and look through settings to see if I had accidentally pushed button. I couldn't find anything wrong, and it was only happening to this book. I did some research, I contacted Amazon Support to see if they could help me, I even tried NetGalley. Nobody knew what was going on.

So, me being me, I decided that I was just going to read it like this. How bad could it be? (Spoiler alert: it was really bad) Every time I would try to read, I would leave with a headache, and just having not enjoyed myself. It's hard to enjoy book with most of your concentration is going into trying to figure out what was actually written on the page. It's hard to read what you can't see.

And that brings me to reason number two why I have decided not to finish this one, all of this hassle caused a dread in me. I didn't want to read it, and it put me in a reading slump! Not! Cool! *shakes fist*

So, was this a bad book? From what I read, no. But, due to unfortunate circumstances, this one will have to remain unread, both for my eyes and my sanity. I hope that one day I will be able to return with a review of a copy that I could actually see the words in.

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  1. Oh gosh yes, I always worry that pushing through books like this would put me into a slump as well. Bravo for DNFing! :) This book certainly sounds rough!

    1. Yes, I am glad that I DNfed it in the end. Though, I do wish that I knew how it ended! lol

  2. What a real shame that a clearly enjoyable book has been rendered unreadable due to the font. I hope you have better luck next time:)

    1. Thank you! I think that I might see if my library will get a copy, because I do want to know how it ends!

  3. Yeah no book is worth a slump! Or a headache. Weird how it was like that, with the font. Oh well... definitely not worth the hassle, sounds like!

    1. Yes, though I do wish that I had known what was going on.

  4. Oh As a professional DNFer I SO understand you Anna! Love the insanity quote. One of my fav! :)

    1. Ya, this one just wasn't working out. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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