My Laptop Charger Broke?!?!


I have a few updates just to let you guys know what is going on. First, next week I am helping on a week long program for little kids. I am doing crafts and I am super excited! Because of this I won't be able to read as much. Just to let you know. Another thing is that I wont be doing a monthly wrap up this month. I will start next month because I just started this blog. And I would like to review a few more books. If you want to see what I am reading click right here to see my Goodreads page. Finally, a sad story, that broke my heart. My charger broke. So if you don't know I use my laptop everyday. I am writing this post on my laptop. So if was really late and I was reading, and I decided to update Goodreads. I'm updating Goodreads, when my dog kicked my laptop of the bed! Something happened to my charger because it wont work anymore. The lesson here? Take care of your chargers so you don't have to pay fifty dollars to get a new one.  Review coming soon.

I have been thinking of a catchphrase to put at the end of my posts, what do you guys think about this...

Where's your next adventure?

Because it ties into the name of my blog, but is also catchy. What do you guys think?   



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