Book Review #1


The Lunar Chronicles #3.5


"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?"



Waring: Spoilers may happen in this 

 Wow, I don't know if it is because this book got really good reviews. or if it just me, but... I thought it was okay. I was nice to see Levana before Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. My one big problem is that the whole book, it kept coming back to the guy who she was convinced that she loved. I wish that we got even more into her family, (mainly her sister). One of the big things in this book is we found out more about Winter. We got to see all the stages of her life. We also got to see how she attempted to kill Selene. Which was nice to see, kind of. Another big thing was we got to see that Luna actually made the deadly virus. Great tactic in my opinion. With all of this, I think that there was to much romance and not enough political rulings tie ins. My final verdict...

 2.5/ 5 Points

So tell me, where will your next adventure be?



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