Short but Cute Review: Black Waters by India R. Adams

Black Waters (Tainted Water, #2)Book: Black Waters (Tainted Waters #2)
Author: India R. Adams
Published: March 18, 2016
Publisher: India's Productions
Number of Pages: 124
Format: ebook (.mobi)
Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: 4 Stars


Synopsis: The blue water Whit once loved now looked black because it was claiming her, taking her from me.

Whitney Summers is Link’s best friend. He would do anything for her, even sacrifice their friendship to protect her. Whitney believes she understands what is transpiring in her life, but so much stirs beneath the surface. As her closest friend and protector, Link faces the darkness in his own life to guard the girl he loves.
This is Link’s story…

There was no beauty in her dying that day…


"There was no beauty in her dying that day..."

This book startled me. Not in a jump scare kind of way, but that this isn't like any of the other books by Adams that I've read before. This book is very different from Blue Waters, which is kind of good considering that this book is another version of Blue Waters.

In this book we follow Link, and his view on what happened in Blue Waters. This book starts at the same time that Blue Waters started, but this book is so much different (in a good way of course).

One thing that really threw me off when I started this novella was the lack of humor. One of my favorite things about Adams's writing is the humor that is mixed in, and so it surprised me when there was a lack of it! I missed it, but I the same time I'm glad that it wasn't really there. This book is very serious at times, and I don't think that the book would have been the same with the humor.

One thing that worried me going in was that this novella would be too similar to Blue Waters, but the two stories are completely different! Link goes through and discovers so much in this book, that I am really glad that we got to read from Link's perspective. 

On thing that bugged me about the first book was that I couldn't really connect with the characters; which makes sense because it's a novella. I was able to connect with the characters more in this book which was really nice. I think that of the three books I've read by Adams's, this is my least favorite, with Serenity being my favorite. All of her books are fabulous though, so I really hope that you give them a try. :)

So overall, I loved this book! I was able to connect with the characters more, and the story line was different enough that I was always interested. With a couple Serenity references that made me even more excited for Destiny, I am looking forward to my next read by Adams. :)


  1. I'm glad you were able to connect with the characters here, Anna. It's hard sometimes when it comes to novellas, so I'm happy you got a better visit in this universe with Black Waters.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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