Let's Discuss: Seven Reasons Why Poetry is Becoming one of my Favorites

I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I've been reading a lot of poetry lately. At least, more than I ever had. You see when I was younger I always thought that poetry was boring, dull, and didn't have nearly enough stabbing. But I recently read my first collection of poetry, and well....


Here are seven reasons why poetry is becoming a personal favorite of mine. :)

1.) The Lyrical Writing Style
I've recently found out that I'm a fan of more lyrical writing style, and poetry has a lot of that. Now, that's not to say that that all poets write like this, but I absolutely love it when they do. It's almost as if you can hear them speaking to you, conveying their message in a beautiful, powerful, and whimsical way.  In fact, one of my favorite books of ever, Serenity by India R. Adams, has a very lyrical writing style. You could say that I'm a fan.

2.) The Messages
A lot of poetry often has deep meanings, even if they don't appear to, or if you just don't understand it yourself (which is totally okay). But I love rereading poems, and figuring out what the different metaphors, and intricate diction choices. Sometimes I fully relate to what the poet's message is, and sometimes I can't. However I've found that a lot of poets talk about really powerful themes like mental health and social justice, which are always fun and/or interesting to read. There's always just a wide range of messages and themes that a poem can hold, and I'm rambling but I just love uncovering all of them.

3.) The Speed
Okay, this one may seem a little superficial, but it's true nevertheless. I find it odd that I can get more out of a poem that took me thirty seconds to read then a book that took me a week to read. Don't get me wrong, I love my big books. It's just nice to be able to get a good emotional and fulfilling read from something that doesn't take up a ton of time. 

4.) The Emotion that can be Conveyed  
I feel like with a lot of poetry the emotions that authors want us to feel are just directly shot at our hearts, unlike in a full length novel where there's the plot and the character development and all of that fun stuff that can sometimes mask the emotional heart shots that authors throw at us. Again, there's nothing wrong with those novels (I mean, who doesn't love a good novel?), it's just nice to sometimes be pummeled to the ground with just five lines of poetry.

5.) The Connections we can Make
I found that it's easier (for me at least) to make emotional connections with the works of poets than with other different types of authors. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm better able to feel the emotions of the poets I read, or because I was able to read more of their work? I don't know, just something I discovered.

6.) The Variety  
There are lots of different types of poetry, different styles of poetry, and many different ways to write poetry. Which is why it can be incredibly easy, and also incredibly difficult to find poetry you like. I find that some people will read a poem by one person, not like it, and then claim that the just don't like all of poetry. Which is odd. Would the same be said if the person had read a novel? The thing about poetry is that you have to find the styles that you enjoy, just like with books. I know that there are kinds of poems I just don't like (I've read them!), but does that mean I dislike all of poetry? Well, you're reading this so I guess you know the answer.

7.) The Diversity 
I've also found that the world of poetry is very diverse, I might even dare to say more diverse than YA. The topics and situations that are discussed by poets are often more personal, and come from experiences that they themselves faced. So because of that you are bound to get a lot of diverse poems and experiences.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of poetry? If so, what collection of poems do I need to read? Let me know in the comments. 😁        


  1. I really like this post! Though I'm not a huge fan of poetry, you make some excellent points. I've been wanting to branch out in my reading and start reading genres I don't typically pick up, like poetry, and this post just inspired me even more to try out some poetry collections!!

    - Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

    1. Well then, I think that you're really gonna enjoy the post I'm currently working on (it's poetry recommendations!). ;)

  2. "didn't have nearly enough stabbing" lol. I think that was probably my feelings about poetry, more or less, too. Although I do appreciate it more now. And it is kind of amazing that something so short can pack so much meaning into it, and have hidden depths as well? I think that's what makes it both so special but also so challenging? IDK. I don't read a lot of poetry but I seem to gravitate towards the stuff that talks about the natural world or evokes nature.

    Great post!

    1. Writing that talks about natural world and evokes nature are totally fun reads. And it is quite amazing how much meaning just a few lines can have...

  3. Yes, I love poetry, too. I tend to enjoy anthologies more than collections for the same reason I won't read subsequent books by an author one after another - I get used to their tics and writing styles, which can start to grate. And the anthology I would recommend is 'Being Human' edited by Neil Astley and published by Bloodaxe Books. Marvellous stuff:))

    1. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

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