Random Ramblings: Is there a Proper Way to Comment?

I will have been blogging for a year mid next month, and through this time I have found a lot of different commenting styles. But I want to know if there's a proper way to comment. I love getting comments. I always look forward to logging onto my blog and reading and responding to comments. I think that it's so cool to be able to talk with people who either love books as much as I do, or want to learn more about books and the blogging community. When I respond I like to be able to comment on the person's comment. I like to treat it like a post, and I'm giving my thoughts on what they said. Sometimes that's hard though.

There are a lot of different commenting styles that I have seen. Some people comment in big paragraphs, and others only write a sentence. And both are great! I tend to be in the middle of the two writing something like this...

I loved Tiger's Curse! I also have to agree about the ending though, it was rough! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the series. :)

This way, I'm not sitting there for fifteen minuets writing one comment, and the blogger get a nice comment that he/she can reply to that isn't just "Thanks for reading!"
I find these types of comments happening a lot with weekly memes like Top Ten Tuesday. I'll get some comments that are like the one I exampled above, and some that are just "Cool list." And while I do love receiving comments from anyone, I often find myself having a hard time replying. As I said before, I like to comment on someone's comment, and that can be hard when their really short! I love commenting because I find new books to read, new blogs to follow, and I get different ideas and perspectives. And that can be really hard with short comments. Thus, why I comment like I do.

I also want to talk about putting your blog name/your name at the end of a comment. I could see why some people would think that it's promoting your blog, and I can see why. It kind of is, but I think of it as signing a note. I want people to know that I was the one commenting, and so I put my name and the name of my blog (since that's what most people know me by). That's all I've got for now. Let me know what you think of comments, and what type of commenter are you?  Thanks for reading guys! :)