Book Review: Indestructible by Emma L. Adams

Indestructible (Indestructible, #1)Two years ago, the fiends invaded, with a devastating explosion that split the world in two. Even now, energy blasts strike without warning, destroying everything in their paths. The fiends hunt anyone unlucky enough to escape.

My name is Leah. An energy blast killed my group. It should have killed me, too. Instead, I woke up alone in the wilderness, stalked by the fiends.

My only hope is the red-cloaked strangers who call themselves the Pyros. They can do the impossible and make flames shoot from their hands, and are more than a match for the fiends. Right now, my one chance for safety -- and revenge -- is with them.

But they're keeping secrets from me. Like those skeletons hidden under their base. And the reasons I developed a psychic link with someone who can't stand the sight of me -- after he saved my life.

If I don't uncover the truth about why the world ended the first time, my new safe haven might go up in smoke...

Indestructible is the first in a YA post-apocalyptic fantasy trilogy, perfect for fans of Divergent, Angelfall and The Mortal Instruments.


*Thank you to Lola's Blog Tours for providing me a e-book copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.*

But I wanted more! I mean, I did have problems with this book, but I really liked the ending, even though I wanted more. In this book we follow Leah, as she tries to survive from multiple problems, but mostly the fiends. The fiends invaded Earth about two years ago, and Leah is just trying to survive. Everything changes though when she finds out that she is a Pyro. That's when things get crazy.

I really enjoyed Leah. Yes, she did kinda seem like the perfect girl, but I really enjoyed her dialog, and her actions. She was always so caring, and she wanted to protect her friends. I really had a fun time reading about her. I didn't really like Cas though. He was just the typical YA love interest. He was a jerk, not nice, and I have no idea why the girls in YA books fall for guys like him.

The big reason I didn't like this book was because it was predicable. I guess that most post-apocalyptic books are like that, but I just wanted more. There were a lot of original things, like the fiends, the Pyros, and the characters. I just feel like I can tell where the story is going.

I really like the main villain! I'm not going to tell you who he is, but I really like where he is going. Probably my favorite character in the book.

So overall, I really liked this book! While the plot was predictable, I really enjoyed the characters, magic, and villain. I will be reading the second book.

3.5/5 Points
I really liked it, but I didn't love it.    

About the Author:Emma spent her childhood creating imaginary

worlds to compensate for a disappointingly

average reality, so it was probably inevitable that

she ended up writing speculative fiction. She was

born in Birmingham, UK, which she fled at the

first opportunity to study English Literature at

Lancaster University. In her three years at

Lancaster, she hiked up mountains, skydived in

Australia, and endured a traumatic episode

involving a swarm of bees in the Costa Rican

jungle. She also entertained her creative writing

group and baffled her tutors by submitting strange

fantasy tales featuring dragons and supernatural

monsters to workshops. These included her first

publication, a rather bleak dystopian piece, and a

disturbing story about a homicidal duck (which

she hopes will never see the light of day).

Now a reluctant graduate, Emma refuses to settle

down and be normal. When not embarking on

wild excursions and writing fantasy novels, she edits and proofreads novels for various

publishing houses and reads an improbable number of books. Emma is currently working on

the Alliance series, a multiple-universe adult fantasy featuring magic, monsters, cool gadgets

and sarcasm. Her upper-YA urban fantasy Darkworld series is published by Curiosity Quills


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